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Top 10 Innovation Infusions: Do Some Doodling

Our Top Ten Innovation Infusions are fun and effective actions you can use along with your other innovation efforts. Most are quick and easy, some require a little more planning, but all of them are great ways to infuse innovation into your team, whether you are embarking on a larger innovation culture shift or are just getting started.

Use Doodling to get Unstuck!

Doodling goes beyond mindless scribble and can help to get the creative juices flowing and be a better employee.

According to an article published in the Huffington Post, called 5 Big Benefits of Being a Doodler, doodling is has a high correlation with increased creativity and higher performance.  For all those teachers out there that slapped your hand for doodling during class, they don’t know what potential you could have been unlocking.  The big benefits of doodling that are mentioned in the article include: increased concentration, productivity, mindfulness, creativity, and innovation.

Doodle RevolutionCheck out Sunni Brown’s Doodle Revolution to learn more about the benefits of doodling as well as fun and productive ways that you can introduce doodling to your team.  My colleague, Sara Dougherty, gives an overview of the book in her blog post, In Support of the Doodle.

Whenever you get stuck on a tough challenge – consider taking a doodle break!

Karie Starrett 

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