Customer Research

We can help you know your customers deeply, identify the right opportunities for innovation and inspire and inform compelling products, services, and experiences. So that everything you do drives more business by driving more meaningful human connection.

Curiosity is our superpower. We’re human behavior explorers and people-speak translators. We’re always-on thinkers, quick learners, agile adaptors, thought collectors, and dot connectors. We’re endlessly curious about what people want and need—and how business can better meet those needs. And because our team comes from product, innovation, and strategy, we know first-hand the challenges you face and we get the bigger picture.

Our clients are diverse in size and industry but share one important thing: a passion for understanding customer perceptions, challenges, and aspirations. We’ve partnered with businesses worldwide to solve all kinds of challenges.

Our Toolkit

Our research toolkit is a mix of standard methodologies, newer digital platforms and a certain Clearworks-ness. Our team knows how to ask the right questions and how to interpret the answers. We can customize the optimal approach for you.

The following are just few of our tools that we frequently get asked about…

Getting the Right People

Good research starts with finding the right people and sometimes that requires creativity. We partner with some of the best recruiters around the world. They use a variety of techniques including “Live Recruiting’. For example, when we wanted to understand how runners use probiotics, we found them where they run – running paths, treadmills at the gym, etc. When we want to get creative types or extreme users for innovation studies, we dig deep beyond the standard recruiting databases.

Leveraging Video

Use video not only during the research but beforehand for recruiting, homework exercises, inputs to a workshop and more. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking creatively about using video…


Embedding video into recruiting

Use video as part of the recruiting process to help ensure we get the right people for our studies. Customers answer an open ended question on video that allows us to confirm they are the right fit and will be engaging and articulate.

Pre-Research Mini-Exercise

Get customers engaged before the study begins and get to know them ahead of time. They can give us a tour of their refrigerator and the different brands they buy or show us their TV habits and what’s on their DVR.

Taking Food Photo

Idea Feedback for an Ideation Session

After generating ideas in an ideation workshop, send customers ideas for quick turnaround feedback and present the video responses in the second half of the workshop to further develop ideas.

Taking food photo

Daily Diaries

Get a closeup view of a customer’s world as they share their day to day lives by uploading videos throughout the day. They can take us along on shopping trips, bus and taxi rides, work routines, etc.

Post Shopping Questions

Post Shopping Questions

Record post shopping videos after store intercepts and shopalongs to probe deeper on the in-store experience.

Quant Survey Video Open End

Bring quant data to life when customers record a video response to an open-ended question in the survey.