Doing What We Love Around the World

Our passion for talking to customers takes us around the world. Conducting an in-person observation study of support agents in Greece and the Philippines, talking to CIOs about security in the UK and Germany, and testing a new software product with consumers in the Netherlands and Sweden are a few examples of our global work. We love helping clients understand the differences and similarities across countries when it comes to things like what customers are looking for in products, how they are interacting with products, what they expect around customer support, opportunities for new products, and more.

Strong In-Country Partnerships

We leverage our strong global partner network to make sure that the research is seamless and consistent country to country. This allows us to recruit all types of people from anywhere in the world, access professional in-country moderators that speak the local language as well as a network of facilities, determine the most appropriate in-country markets, and tap into in-country partner knowledge around cultural differences and norms.