We like what we hear.

We love our clients and are honored by their kind words.

  • Thank you for all of your work on the project. We could not be happier with the quality or the experience of working with you. I will recommend Clearworks to everyone I know!

    — Michael Bevan, Vice President of Marketing, Apto
  • Clearworks was able to accommodate a large set of objectives from our cross functional teams into one comprehensive research study.  The result is a set of personas, a path-to-purchase map, and other detailed data on our consumer that is driving our action plans around in-store POS, new products, and other marketing strategies.

    — Karen Daenen, Research Manager, Jackson Family Wines
  • We engaged Clearworks to use consumer insights to help develop our product strategy for our new hardware security product. The findings from the in-home product tests and customer interviews informed decisions around product design, usability, messaging and feature optimization.  Working with the Clearworks team was not only enjoyable but their expertise around products and strategy was valuable to our launch.

    — Mircea Gherlea, Product Management, Bitdefender
  • The Clearworks team achieved results beyond our expectations. The Buyer information we received was thorough and actionable.  We gained market insight that would have taken us many months to obtain on our own. We’re excited to apply the data in our marketing and product development efforts.

    — Ana Leung, Director of Cloud Product Marketing, Ruckus Wireless
  • Clearworks conducted a series of strategic research projects that were instrumental in the development of our new consumer retail package design. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our consumer and their shopping behaviors and used unique tools to get us the deep insights we needed to drive decisions. As an added bonus, we love working with them.

    — Marc Rohman, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Biocodex USA
  • All of the research helped us create a new brand platform that is not just about having the best plants or better plants, which is what we are known for, instead it is about something else: It is about helping the consumer achieve their dreams and goals.

    — Katie Tamony, Chief Marketing Officer, Monrovia
  • The Clearworks team did an incredible job generating insightful feedback in their best practices research study for our top of the line audio brand. Their thorough analysis and detailed recommendations are driving some important changes to our business and marketing initiatives.

    — Mike Angiletta, VP of Strategic Marketing, D&M Holdings Company
  • We get a lot of value out of the Clearworks work.  Their research gives us insight into what customers are thinking in their own words.  Hearing what matters as well as what is not important to customers allows us to hone our business and product decisions in the right way.

    — Kevin Turner, Chief Clinical Solutions Officer, Paradigm
  • Clearworks does more than just research. They have product management expertise and are able to understand and help formulate business strategy. We want and appreciate partners that have and take a deeper understanding of our products and solutions because ultimately this translates into better research results, insights and recommendations.

    — David Lau, Director of Marketing Research, Trend Micro
  • Clearworks created top notch product marketing materials for our new online payments product. The team works well in a changing, fast-paced environment and was instrumental in developing the innovative, high tech messaging and positioning we need for the product’s success.

    — Kris Reagan, Director of Customer Acquisition, Wells Fargo
  • Noël Adams has the unique ability to translate the needs of the marketplace into clear, focused product definition. Her insights were essential to our product development process.

    — Dave Loftesness, President and CEO, Blue Mug
  • To best position Amonix with our key customers, influencers and stakeholders, it was important to clearly understand what factors were important and what resonated with each audience. We consider the results “our messaging bible” and have used it as a platform for communicating our value proposition and competitive advantages.

    — Brian Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Amonix, Inc
  • I engaged Clearworks to help us create our first consumer journey maps. They learned our business quickly and have now helped us create a complete set of journey maps for each of our business segments. They are easy to work with and extremely flexible. I was amazed at how nimble they could be to make changes to the proposed work based on the number of attendees or other changing factors. They have been an incredible partner for us in moving this important work forward in our company and I will be recommending them to other Blues plans who are embarking on journey mapping.

    — Ashley Feit, CX Strategic Advisor, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina
  • Noel, thanks to you and your team so much for a great workshop today. I have received nothing but positive feedback. You made me a Clearworks believer!

    — Georgann Scally, VP of Innovation Portfolio Management, Visa International
  • The Clearworks workshop was great. It gave me a lot of insights and new ideas and will definitely impact the reorganization of our group.

    — Paul Tiefling, Business Development, Advanta Corp
  • The Clearworks team conducted several ideation sessions for our Innovation team. They provided superb guidance during the planning stages and then in execution as well. Each session exceeded our expectations, both in terms of quantity, and more importantly quality, of ideas generated.

    — John Sheets, Senior Business Leader, Visa, Inc.
  • The Clearworks team was able to generate an insightful and in-depth market and industry analysis in a very short amount of time for one of our large telecommunications clients. I was impressed by their knowledge of the latest trends and technologies and their ability to get up to speed quickly on the high tech product line.

    — Yvonne Nomizu, President, Sakari Consulting
  • Room 77 engaged the Clearworks team to field a series of digital ethnographies and follow-on in-depth interviews on an extremely tight schedule. The responses from the diary platform were amazing and incredibly useful for bringing this research to life with our internal stakeholders. Our Leadership Team found the insights extremely useful and actionable as they impacted critical product and marketing decisions. Clearworks made the entire process easy and even enjoyable.

    — Pedro Silva, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Room 77
  • Clearworks’s facilitation of our Customer Summit allowed us to generate rich feedback from our customers on our new product. The day proved invaluable for shaping our product development efforts.

    — Mel Badgett, VP of Product Management, Krugle
  • The Clearworks team has outstanding facilitation skills. They developed and managed a series of interactive sessions that were critical in gathering essential, substantive feedback from our customers. They kept the meeting lively and engaging, generating positive feedback from execs and customer alike.

    — David Spenhoff, Vice President of Marketing, Trend Micro
  • Clearworks did an excellent job interviewing CIOs around the world for our new product. I’ve been getting great internal feedback on the information, including a kudos from our President and our CEO.

    — Allison Armstrong, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Apptio
  • Clearworks used their experience and knowledge in launching new products to create product marketing tools that clearly capture the value proposition and messaging our company needs to generate sales with a new wireless product launch.  We have received extremely positive feedback from our sales team on the materials and the work done by Clearworks has raised the bar on our product marketing initiatives going forward.

    — John Cowley, Director, CommScope Enterprise Solutions
  • It was great working with you guys as well. Your team did an awesome job and we got some very actionable data from the study.

    — Mike Shelton, VP of Marketing, KeepTree, Inc
  • Clearworks conducted a series of new product focus groups for us. Based on that work, we hired them for another project and plan to use them until we get our series of products launched. The team’s performance and results in their first project established credibility with the top management of our group and Clearworks is now considered a regular part of the team.

    — Amy Huson, VP of Product Management -- Volume Logic Group, Plantronics
  • Noel & Jennifer, thank you both so much for being a part of what appears to be a very well received launch. Silevo & Triex are being received well and your help on messaging has been invaluable.

    — Chris Beitel, VP of Marketing, Silevo
  • Clearworks is what every engineering team needs — the voice of the customer brought into the product development process.

    — Dave Loftesness, President and CEO, Blue Mug
  • Noël Adams is a terrific facilitator and a savvy product marketer. She was able to keep us focused and on-task and really help our team formulate their ideas into a comprehensive strategy for our new program.

    — Michele Thompson, Executive Director, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Clearworks used a strong customer-focused approach with research, focus groups, and customer interviews to help us develop a targeted marketing strategy around a new customer segment. And, their work included a well-thought out action plan so that we didn’t wind up with a document that sits on a shelf.

    — Michele Thompson, Executive Director, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • We retained Clearworks to provide services to one of our clients when we needed vertical markets expertise. The project turned out to be very successful, due in large part to Clearworks’ creative approach and tireless work. I was most impressed by the “can do” attitude and high quality standards exhibited throughout the project.

    — Jim Caldwell, President, Business Launch
  • The Clearworks team produced a top quality, comprehensive analysis and report for us. By leveraging their background and knowledge in the wireless industry we were able to provide something of real value to our clients.

    — Diane Roberts, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Ireland
  • Clearworks’ process mapping workshop contributed significantly to the development, planning, and implementation of our new line of business. Bringing the cross-functional team together in order to define the processes and identify challenges and issues was an invaluable investment.  The Clearworks team’s facilitation skills were excellent and enabled our team to develop a process that will serve as the basis for our business going forward!

    — John Cowley, Director, CommScope Enterprise Solutions
  • Clearworks developed a tailored research strategy to achieve deep customer insights that were vital to our positioning and message development, and subsequently helped us to create powerful, customer-focused collateral.

    — Mark Culpepper, Vice President, Marketing, SunEdison
  • The Clearworks team worked closely with IHS to define a research methodology that informed our long term product packaging and pricing strategies, as well as identified some unique insights on how to better service our customers. They were able to engage quickly and easily on our products and services.

    — Paul Evenson, Senior Vice President, Parts and Solutions, IHS
  • The Clearworks team did an amazing job understanding a complex engineering project, running our customer focus group, and turning that into a usable product requirements document. I have mentioned to several people that it is incredible your level of understanding of our product with such limited exposure.

    — Dean Pfutzenreuter, Software Architect, Krugle
  • Clearworks did a great job of facilitating the CAB meetings for one of our IT vendors. The meetings were highly interactive and worthwhile. I felt, as a customer, that my ideas were heard.

    — Andrew Sprules, Group Infrastructure Director, Aegis Group plc
  • Clearworks developed comprehensive product requirements for our new mobile services offering. They picked up on the technology quickly, were able to drill down to great detail, and incorporated the much needed user perspective. Our engineers got just what they need to get started on development.

    — John Finch, VP of Product Management, Zoove
  • I enjoyed the Innovation conference and in recollection think that the most enjoyable part was the Clearworks ideation exercise. The best relationships were developed and the most fun had when we invented and created the new product. I would have loved some more interactive activities from you. People need to interact, create, generate, collaborate, etc.; something your team facilitates well.

    — Darin Eich, Chief Operating Officer, BrainReactions
  • I attended a branding and naming workshop conducted by Clearworks, and I found it to be very focused and well-facilitated. I have participated in numerous branding sessions in my career, and this was one of the most productive and engaging.

    — Pamela Fishman Cianci, Outlined Productions
  • The Clearworks team does an excellent job helping us incorporate the voice of the customer into our services, process and messaging.  They take a creative approach, tailoring a variety of research techniques to different audiences and objectives to generate rich insights.

    — Catherine Moon, Director of Services, Symantec
  • I had many ideas for my new business.  Working with Clearworks on a naming and branding strategy helped me congeal all those ideas into a solid business identity so that we could move forward with logos, web design and beyond. Clearworks facilitated a naming and branding session with a variety of fun and productive exercises.  It was an enjoyable experience for the entire group that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Clearworks synthesized all the output from the session and wrote a comprehensive branding and positioning overview that has been useful in grounding our work as we progress in building the business. Kudos to Clearworks!

    — Ruth Beauchamp, ORANDA TLC
  • After the acquisition of a software development and services company we were struggling with communicating the company vision and how all the pieces fit together which was translating into a lack of new customers.  Clearworks helped us strategize about our company vision, and developed clear and consistent messaging that quickly and simply portrays our value proposition. Customers that were previously confused became interested.  We also refreshed the LMG brand to reflect our new and innovative positioning.

    — Terry Riches, Sales and Marketing, Line Management Group
  • The Clearworks team did an excellent job helping us build a new product development process from scratch. They were able to keep our large cross functional team on track and the output is a customized process that is working well for us to this day. Clearworks not only facilitated the process but has helped us build the infrastructure needed to bring the process to life. Their advice and guidance has been invaluable.

    — Kim Fontes, Division Director, Product Development, NFPA
  • Your buyer persona research report is one of the best I’ve seen. Extremely impressive. The client was sort of floored. Thank you guys so much!

    — Hugh Kennedy, Partner, PJA Advertising + Marketing
  • Clearworks conducted a series of in-homes and a quant survey to give our team insights into one major part of the home buying process. Diving deep into the experience and the emotions across the touch points and stages, they developed a journey map that is used by our team to identify opportunities for new features and to improve existing ones. Our team was not only extremely happy with the output of this research but was also very impressed with Clearwork’s ability to work in parallel with our fast-paced nature. We consider Clearworks a great partner to have and they are the first we call when we are in need of outside research help!

    — Erica Brick, User Research Manager, Trulia
  • Clearworks is my go to team for all things Customer Experience. In my various customer support and experience roles, I have engaged them on projects ranging  from large global agent and customer change initiatives to quick turn usability testing on customer facing support tools.   They are a team that can do both the customer research as well as the follow on strategy and execution.

    — Robyn Weeda, Director of Knowledge Experience, VMware