Personas allow you to understand who your customers really are, what they care about and what motivates their behavior so that you can better connect with them.  A persona represents a set of customers who have similar behaviors, attitudes, goals, and motivations.  They behave similarly in the way they shop, feel about a product category, approach technology, use customer service, etc. They are based on psychographics and behaviors rather than demographics and each persona type behaves similarly regardless of age, gender, education, and other typical demographics.

Personas can be used in future targeting, communications and product development efforts.  We have helped our clients use personas to develop brand platforms, create new more engaging messaging, design new products, create point-of–sale materials, develop tools to enhance the shopping experience, create customer journey maps and more.

Our Approach

Personas are created through the synthesis of observations and research with a large number of customers.  The strength in our methodology lies in our combined qualitative and quantitative research approach that allows us to gain a deep understanding of the mindset and behaviors of customers. We first conduct in-depth qualitative research to immerse ourselves in the lives of customers and observe their day-to-day activities and emotions – where they work and live.  These observations, both in person and digitally, allow us to deeply understand attitudes, emotions, behaviors, goals, motivators, cultural and social influences, etc.

The in-depth qualitative research allows us to develop detailed batteries in the quantitative research that not only inform the clustering of the personas but also provide rich in-depth characterizations of each persona. The quantitative research also allows for sizing the personas to inform decisions on where to focus efforts.

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Bring Your Personas to Life

You’ve made a significant investment in developing personas but the process is incomplete if your internal stakeholders are either unaware they exist or only have a superficial understanding.

Our persona work includes an interactive Strategy and Insights Infusion Workshop where we immerse branding, innovation, strategy and marketing teams in the insights and drive action planning.

Here are a few of our favorite approaches for socializing your personas for maximum impact:

  • Persona Fair
  • Artifact Gallery
  • Digital Assets
  • Immersion Materials

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