User Experience Research

We believe that the user experience goes beyond just the usability of the product itself to include the experience users have with the product in their real lives.  We believe that observing customers in their environment is key to to building products that deliver a better user experience. We use ethnographic research to observe customer interactions with all types of products, from refrigerators to mobile phones to home security systems.  Observations include watching customers as they do things like unbox the product, install it, use it throughout their day, get support for the product, etc. 

Usability Testing

Usability testing involves testing real user interaction with your product. It is designed to determine whether a product is “usable” in the way that it has been designed. Usability is more than just task testing. At Clearworks, we leverage our broader experience in customer research and new product development to engage your team in a usability testing plan that generates granular design decisions while also capturing important insights related to broader customer experience, product features, and messaging.