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The Power of Video Storytelling

Smiling young African female influencer standing in her living room at home and talking during a video using a smart phone

Over the years, video has become a bigger part of our storytelling toolkit.

We find the power of video helps us create more meaningful and memorable stories about customers. It could be a consumer highlight reel we show to inspire participants before an ideation workshop, clips of customer reactions to concepts as part of a research readout, or a “meet the persona” video introducing who they are, what they care about, and why.

While reports can tell a story and include visually engaging images and quotes, video creates a deeper connection.

We’ve found that videos are far more engaging and memorable than a slide on the screen. And science tells us, people are 80% more likely to remember something they saw compared to something they read. Plus, some things you just can’t put on a piece of paper – imagine you are interviewing someone about a new concept, and they laugh or shrug or roll their eyes. How do explain that reaction to someone in a PDF?

Videos rather than pictures, help our clients see their customers “in action” – real people, real spaces, real words, and reactions. Or in the case of a persona video – what they might look like, how they act, where they live, what they do. Seeing them as real, living, breathing human beings in video makes it easier for our clients to relate and develop empathy for their customers.

In this sample video, our Production Lead, Emily Heiser, introduces a fictitious “Keep Me Active” dog owner persona. In just 1 minute and 15 seconds, she’s able to convey not only a ton of information about this persona but also an engaging, visual representation that helps the viewer connect with who this persona is through handpicked video clips and a thoughtful voiceover.

Tell us what you think! Would your teams benefit from getting to know your customers better through video? We’d love to chat about how we can help bring your research and your customer personas to life.

Sarah Collins

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