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Innovation in 2018: Personal and Responsible

Around this time of year I always enjoy reading recaps of the previous year and forecasts for the upcoming one, whether it be in entertainment, politics or business. There is something about the succinctness of wrapping a year into a few paragraphs or pages.

Since innovation is always on our mind here at Clearworks, I have been paying particular attention to articles talking about the top innovations of 2017. But it got me thinking, what should we be doing in 2018 to continue driving innovation within our own spheres of influence?

In this Forbes article, Making Innovation Personal: Resolutions for 2018, Bill Fischer asked several innovation observers to share their personal innovation resolutions for 2018. The big theme Fischer shares is that innovation needs to become a verb, not a noun. Companies should not refer to innovation as a strategy or guiding principle, it should be something everyone is personally responsible for, at every level and in every role.

I also appreciated Fischer’s personal resolution of championing generosity in 2018.  Kindness and responsible innovation are other emerging themes from some of the articles and blog posts I have been reading. Hemant Taneja’s Tech Crunch article, The Tech Industry Needs to Move Towards Responsible Innovation in 2018, talks about the need for the tech industry specifically to move towards responsible innovation in 2018.

Happy innovating in 2018!

Anne Bakstad

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