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Happy Agents = Happy Customers

We all know that customer support plays a big role in the overall customer experience, when it comes to your products and services.   Many companies try “a little bit of this”, and “a little bit of that”, to improve the customer support experience… like lowering the average hold times or making agent scripting more friendly.  But how do you really improve the overall support experience for customers?

By improving the contact center AGENT’S experience…  because time and time again research (and really just common sense) has shown that Happy Agents = Happy Customers!

But to make changes that will truly have an impact, it is important to learn more about the life of your agents, through both research and agent journey mapping.  Once you understand their day to day experience, you can identify the biggest challenges and create action plans to address them – which in most cases will include some easy, quick wins as well as some longer-term improvements.

Check out our 5-step approach to improving customer experience through agent experience:


How To: Improve Customer Experience Through Agent Experience from Clearworks


Anne Bakstad


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