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Feeling Uninspired? Check out these tips for better brainstorming

In business, we often take the idea of brainstorming for granted. But are you and your teams really harnessing the true power of brainstorming? I recently read a Fast Company article that offered a comprehensive guide to more effective brainstorming, including what to do before getting together, and what to do with all of your output.

At Clearworks, we have facilitated countless sessions to generate new ideas. We always like to start with a short ice breaker, whether facilitating customers, or co-workers who know one another well.  Asking questions that can be answered quickly, off the top of your head, such as “What’s your most unusual job?” or “What’s your favorite hobby?” helps everyone relax, laugh and get to know each other better. We also use improv games like the ones mentioned in the article to take everyone out of their own heads and jump-start the creativity.

On a final note, it is also important to put your brainstorming session into perspective. While brainstorming is an important part of the process, it is just one part of a larger process of coming up with your final idea or solution. It is more likely you will generate ideas in that session that will eventually morph into your final solution rather than coming up with your silver bullet.

For other great tips for making the most of your next brainstorming session, click here to read the entire article.

Jennifer Cuthill

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