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Eavesdropping on Your Customers

Want to know what customers think about your product? Look no further than the internet. When hidden behind a computer, people will reveal exactly what they think –
good or bad – down to the very last detail. At Clearworks, we think this is a good thing.

Customers are telling you exactly what matters most to them every day by typing out their preferences, challenges and pain points online. Using AI, we can discover and drop in on these valuable conversations, in real-time, wherever they’re happening. Whether it’s a Google review, a blog post or a thread on Reddit, we can capture product-level insights from all over the internet, not just about your company, but across your product category, industry and competitors.

That said, this quick immersion into your customers world is just the beginning. Our team can help you make sense of the data and combine these online learnings with live consumer discussions to uncover deep, actionable insights. We can also use the data to jump start your ideation process, map your consumer journey or develop a custom workshop tailored to your specific innovation challenges.

Using AI to discover insights online can help . . .

Generate New Ideas
Consumer insights often spark creativity and inspire new products, features or services you hadn’t thought to explore. Informed by insights derived from your customers’ online activity, we can develop workshops for new product development, ideation or prototyping tailored specifically to your product and industry.

For example, a dermatology brand wanted to relaunch a dot com strategy, but online consumer research inspired them to instead develop a high performing telemedicine, e-Commerce, and product line offering.

Redesign Your Products
We learn best by observing how people use your product in-person through in-home interviews, workshops, shopalongs, digital ethnographies and other hands-on exercises. Pairing these rich in-person observations and discussions with insights from thousands of online conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have access to provides a critical mass that can help us redesign your products in a way that will create better, more meaningful customer experiences.

For example, a clothing brand uncovered through online learning that women were purchasing men’s outdoor pants because they wanted useful features like cargo pockets. This led to a women’s line redesign with pockets – including the depth, placement, and number of pockets – in all the right places.

Map Your Customer Journey
The key to customer journey mapping is identifying interactions, touchpoints and emotions across the entire customer experience. In addition to interactive journey mapping workshops, we can use online insights to fill in your customer journey, and identify customer goals and pain points that can lead to interesting areas of opportunity.

We recently finished a remote journey mapping project with Gen Z college students to understand their experience buying coffee at a coffee shop. We started by using online insights to develop a simple, five phase journey. Then we engaged real-life customers through ethnographic research and journey mapping workshops to add the social, emotional and human elements essential to an insightful journey map.

We’d love to talk more about how online consumer insights can offer a glimpse into customer preferences and experiences, and when paired with other methods of research, kickstart your ideation, innovation and journey mapping efforts.

Sarah Collins

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