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Business Meets Humor

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Want to laugh, a lot? Think about attending the FunnyBizz 2016 Conference in San Francisco, coming up June 9. I attended the 2015 conference and have never laughed so hard during a day of “work” before! And although the presenters were very entertaining (several are comics), they shared great ideas that many of us took back with us to our workplaces. The whole gist of the conference, and of the FunnyBizz organization, is that humor can help you market and sell stuff, and also just make your work a lot more interesting.

Here are the top 5 things I learned during a day at FunnyBizz…

  1. B2B can be funny! Don’t be afraid to inject some humor when selling to other businesses, funny isn’t just for consumers anymore!
  2. You can inject humor anywhere, but comedy can quickly turn to tragedy so don’t be reckless
  3. Mash ups are good way to get convergent and divergent thinking together
  4. You can create funny content by admitting the painful truth (no sugar coating!) and making fun of yourself
  5. Storytelling is big (well, we knew that already…) and winning stories are created around core truths and values

This conference is a really great deal for what you get, as far as conferences go AND because the folks over at FunnyBizz are awesome they are giving the readers of our blog a 20% discount on registration. Click HERE to register with the 20% off discount!

Hope to see you there!

Anne Bakstad

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