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And the Award Goes To……

Interactive workshops are a great way to get people together (internal teams, customers, potential customers, partners, etc.) to tackle a challenge. We use workshops to generate product ideas, brainstorm a strategic plan, map out the customer journey, develop personas, etc. The key to creativity and a good workshop outcome is to make sure the sessions are engaging, interactive and fun. Using a combination of interactive exercises is a way to accomplish just that.

We are always looking for new creativity tools and exercises. So recently we got together to create some of our own exercises and games.

Introducing …. THE AWARD!

The Award is a fun exercise that can be used in a lot of different situations which is why it is a favorite.

  • Ideation – Used in ideation workshops to stimulate brainstorming and new ideas.  Helps teams think innovatively about what their product, services, program would have to do to excel in the market.
  • Creativity Warm Up – Used in any workshop to get the creative juices flow.  Sets a future facing tone, sparks creativity, and gets teams excited about what is possible.
  • Team Building – Used as a team building exercise.  Gets teams collaborating on what it means to be an award winning team and what they would need to do as a team to “win” that status.
  • Visioning – Used in general visioning exercises where you are coming up with a mission and vision for where you want to go.

Visit the Games page to download everything you need to play this game with your teams. And if you have any questions or want to chat about how you could use The Award or any of our other games reach out at sara@clearworks.net

Sara Dougherty

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