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A Guide to Gen Z

Here at Clearworks we’ve done a lot of research on various generations, especially Millennials.  But as the mom of two teenagers I have long been fascinated with Gen Z, those that are now between 5 and 20 years old.  While we have studied this group as part of our work for clients, we also follow Gen Z research to keep on top of trends that are being identified.  Fast Company’s “Guide to Gen Z” gives a good summary of common themes that are emerging about Gen Z, specifically who they trust and how they approach money.

Gen Z…

  • Tends to be the least trusting of brands and are label wary, preferring to not advertise brands on their clothing or in their lives (although my 13 year-old son and his love for Nike might be the exception!)
  • Trusts individuals more than institutions, which major companies have caught on to when they partner with social media celebrities to get their brands out there
  • Are more careful with money and are looking for good value. “Today’s teens and college students grew up hearing horror stories about how many millennials ended up living at home after college, sitting on a mountain of debt. So they tend to be financially cautious.”

Millennials might be the most studied generation ever but Gen Z research is taking off.  We look forward to continuing to study this group and will keep you posted on what we learn!

Read full article here: Your Guide to Generation Z: The Frugal, Brand-Wary, Determined Anti-Millennials

Anne Bakstad

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