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A Defense of ‘Product’ in the Age of ‘Experience’

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‘Design thinking’ has been a trending topic of conversation in business circles of late including here at Clearworks. While we are certainly proponents it’s also important not to forget first principles and Fast Company recently published a short but compelling defense of ‘product thinking.’

In effect, the core experience of a product is the problem that it solves. A beautiful user experience with thoughtful design elements that delight and are easy to use simply can’t make up for the lack of a solution to a meaningful problem. Solving a real issue is what generates ongoing value for the user and is the reason the product exists. “Wrong solutions can be fixed, but non-existent problems can’t be changed at all.”

Check out the article – it’s a quick read! And let us know if you need help identifying the real problems faced by your customers and avoiding building “something nobody wants.”

Chuck Mallory

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