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2017 Clearworks Student Innovator Guest Blogger: Paul Park from Emory University

As a junior at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, I found attending TMRE to be an interesting, eye-opening experience. Originally, I was unsure of what specifically I was going to learn and how I was going to interact with professionals. However, I know the lessons that I learned will be used in my future as a consultant, in which they will guide me in making decisions, and that the friendly, kind people that I met will become mentors.

The Market Research Event was an amazing opportunity to gain insights into how to better fuse innovation and market research into strategy. Using different frameworks and different analyses, the future of strategy entails bringing insights into the strategy creation process, bringing data together to make a story, and following up on the usefulness of insights. Combining these innovative standpoints is how any consulting firm, in the future, is going to create a truly effective corporate strategy and a distinctive competitive strategy.

Malcolm Gladwell’s presentation specifically on interrogating the data was the most insightful of all the presentation. He drilled to the point that data, its history, and collection methods should always be reviewed for their validity. For if data is not properly vetted, then the data is useless and does not properly paint the correct picture.

The connections that I made will not only allow me to further my career but will also allow me to gain insights into consulting and data research. I am already using them, and I plan on continuing to do so.

Thank you to TMRE and Clearworks for this experience.


Paul Park is a 2017 Clearworks Student Innovator. He is a Junior at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. He received a full scholarship to attend TMRE. Click here to learn more this year’s students.

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