Our Other Innovation Offerings

Innovation Campaigns

We develop and facilitate online innovation campaigns designed to either engage your internal team and/or your customers. Our innovation campaigns utilize some of the best platforms that are easy to use, easy to implement, and encourage a high level of engagement from participants.

Customer Co-Creation Sessions

Customer Co-Creation Sessions gather groups of customers for hands-on interactions.  They include interactive exercises and techniques to engage customers in the co-creation of products, services and experiences. Sessions are typically held in a casual, comfortable setting to facilitate breakouts, encourage creativity, and promote sharing.

Customers are recruited much like they would be for any other research project; however additional screening criteria is applied to screen for heavily creative and/or future-oriented participants to maximize brainstorming potential.

We’ve worked with customers to create their ideal smart home product, map the optimal support journey, create the desired home away from home hotel experience, and more.

Product Launch

We’re passionate about the upfront ideation and prototyping, but also helping to get products launched and making sure they’re successful. We help you develop a comprehensive launch plan that ensures your cross functional team is ready for launch.

We use a customer journey mapping approach to identify the workflow and processes needed to support your product and ensure you have the right infrastructure and resources in place. During these mapping sessions we also identify issues, challenges and action items associated with your launch.

Team Building for Innovation

We use our innovation toolkit to design custom team building workshops.  We help teams get unstuck and collaborate more effectively. And have fun in the process.  Teams leave our sessions armed with a variety of tools to use for decision-making, brainstorming new ideas, finding solutions to problems, prioritizing, and more.

Innovation Infusion

Our one-day Innovation Infusion training is designed to get the team thinking about innovation, jump start their innovation process, and leave them with the tools needed to incorporate innovation into their day to day work.  Our trainings are known to be fun and energetic, with hands-on interactive exercises.   We start with an introduction to design thinking and move into innovation techniques that can be used daily to solve problems, move product design forward or simply get the team thinking creatively.  The training includes an action planning exercise to help the team map out how they can use the tools and techniques in their day-to-day job.

Pop-up Innovation Lab

For companies looking to further infuse their innovation culture, we create custom pop-up innovation labs. This provides an engaging and lasting solution that empowers their teams to drive internal innovation.

Our pop-up innovation lab:

  • Is fully customized
  • Incorporates design thinking
  • Includes tools and exercises teams can use at a moment notice

Innovation/New Product Development Process

At Clearworks we facilitate a cross functional process mapping workshop to tailor your innovation process to your team, industry, and products. Our innovation process takes you from idea through launch.

  • Process Mapping – Cross functional process development from buy-in from your whole team
  • Tool and Template Design – Design or select the tools needed to facilitate your individual process
  • System Recommendation and Selection – Review and select technology and systems that facilitate and automate your process