Employee Journey Mapping Toolkit

Employee Journey Mapping Toolkit

We believe people are fascinating. There’s always something to learn. And everyone is a teacher.

Our Employee Journey Mapping Toolkit includes templates, how-tos, and tips to help you embark on a successful employee journey mapping initiative. It is based on our real-world experiences working with companies on employee experience projects and includes actionable tools to help you hit the ground running.

Enjoy the toolkit and the experience of journey mapping! We believe that the simple act of collaborating with employees on a journey mapping initiative helps them feel engaged and motivated by building empathy.


Instructions and tips from our team based on our learnings over the years. We map out the process you need to embark on an Employee Journey Mapping initiative.


We have pulled together checklists, templates, planning documents, worksheets, and ideation exercises to help you through the process of Employee Journey Mapping. All of the tools are mapped to the steps included in the instructions. Feel free to modify and make them your own!

Have any questions or want to chat about the right approach for your employee experience initiatives? We are happy to share all that we know! Reach out to us at hello@clearworks.net.


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